Bring nature
into your

bird's living room

We Have Everything Your Parrot Needs.

Australian Owned and Australian Made with nothing but Australian Native Seeds, Pods and Branches. Great for playing, chewing, foraging and swinging. A treat for both Native and Exotic Birds feathered and non-feathered.

Our Story

Making and designing natural bird products for all sized feathered friends for over 15 years. Formally known as GePaSo, all of our range is hand made by the owner and can be truly called 'bird safe'.

Australian Natives

No trees were hurt in the making of our product. All branches, seeds and pods are gathered with permission and sourced from local council 'trim backs', local backyards and naturally fallen trees.  

We're Here to Help

As part of our commitment to providing high quality bird safe products, Just Natural Bird Products also prides ourself on helping and educating parrot lovers with any questions they have. 

Mob: 0421 285 728