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Just Natural Bird Products, formally known as GePaSo is now in the capable and caring hands of Vicki.


Named after the original owners: Geoff, Paul and Sonia (hence GePaSo), Just Natural Bird Products has been handed down to the next generation of bird/parrot lovers. Please read our first blog giving much deserved credit to Geoff, Sonia and Paul and an update on their current status.

Not new to the parrot world, my personal background consists of a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne (majoring in Zoology), combined with nurturing and caring for birds, educating (new and old) clients on health and behaviour aspects and producing much loved parrot safe toys.  The most invaluable thing I have learnt over the years is the devastation a so called 'bird toy' could cause to a much-loved companion feathered friend. I have been fortunate enough to have spent years combining knowledge of bird anatomy, behaviour, foraging techniques and nutrition with the latest avian veterinarian research to help supply safe bird products with my passion for educating other bird lovers continuing to this day.


All of Just Natural Bird Products are a combination of great design, refillable/replaceable parts, made with only native trees, seeds and pods and certified stainless steel components that are bird safe and friendly.

Now - have fun browsing our site and finding the perfect product for your feathered or non feathered companion.


Our Team
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