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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I shop on the new Just Naturals Website?

A. Shopping with Just Natural Bird Products is made easier via our new responsive website which is easily viewed via phone, tablet or desktop. Below is a summary of how to shop:

  1. You can browse the store by clicking on the Product Menu and viewing products in 1 of 5 categories.

  2. Browse the category for the product of interest then ADD the item to the shopping cart by clicking on “Add to Cart” if you require multiples of this product please override the quantity otherwise the system will default to adding 1 item only to your cart.

  3. Once shopping is completed, click on the Shopping Cart icon displayed at the top right of the website page, this will take you to the checkout page.

  4. Review the order as it is shown in your cart; you may at this time remove items or adjust the quantities to validate your order.

  5. Click “Continue to Checkout” to review the freight and delivery address.

  6. Select Delivery Options - Delivery to the Billing Address or Alternative address.


Q. How long will it take to receive my items once I place an order?

A. The cost and method of delivery will vary depending on the size and weight of your order and, of course, the location of the delivery address. Delivery time usually take 2-3 working day once you have completed your order. However, for items such as the large ‘Out-n-About’ there may be a 2-week waiting frame.  This is simply due to having to make this product as close to the order time to avoid unwanted natural splitting of branches that can occur if items are stored to long.


Q. What happens if I purchase something and then change my mind?

A. Everyone is allowed to change their mind sometimes. Occasionally we all underestimate the space we have available in a cage or room, come into some unexpected financial costs or simply decide we do not want the item anymore. As long as the item has not entered the freight system (and on its way to you), we are more than happy to cancel an order and refund any money that may have been paid.

Q. Can I place an order for an ‘out of stock’ items?

A. We aim to minimise backorders (“out of stocks”) as best we can. Sometimes we get our forecasts wrong and demand exceeds supply. If you would like to order an ‘out of stock’ item please contact us and where possible we’ll provide an estimated arrival date.


Q. Are there any Quarantine Issues?


A. Quarantine issues usually only arise when shipping internationally but some Australian states (WA in particularly) also have strict quarantine laws.

Your package may be inspected by quarantine officers depending on the State you reside in. Please check carefully with your local quarantine office about prohibited items in your state to avoid having something confiscated. The biggest concern for quarantine officers is that our products are made with fresh wood with the bark still on (and thus may contain a hidden bug), not to mention all the viable seeds & pods from a variety of native trees that in theory could harm local flora & fauna.  All attempts by Just Natural Bird Products have been made to ensure that any risk is minimal with seed and pods being exposed to a compressor before and after construction to remove/loosen any seeds present before dispatch.


Checking with your local quarantine office prior to ordering is a good idea if you want to purchase items made from natural materials. The information contained in our product descriptions should be sufficient for an accurate assessment by a quarantine officer. Your state government should have their own website stating their restrictions and processes as well. We accept no responsibility for any outcome and can offer no reimbursement.

Q. Do you really use bird safe materials in all of your products?

A. Absolutely, 100% of the time.

Whenever we have mentioned that metal components, joineries, attachments and wire are stainless steel, they are stainless steel. A lot of companies get away with ‘declaring’ that their products are stainless steel because legally that is true even if it is just a single screw in the product that is actually stainless steel.  Unfortunately, this has led to toxic metal poisoning of our beloved feathered friends.  Just Natural Bird Products uses only stainless-steel parts.

The only non-stainless steel component found in our product is the top fastener of the Keiko Chew and X-Large Stepper. These top fasteners are of non toxic Aluminium making the items safe at every point.  Test our products if you like as they are truly bird safe.

Q. Where do you source your wood and branches from?

A. No trees have ever been hurt in the making of Just Natural Bird Products!

As briefly stated in product description, all branches and seed pods are gathered with permission and sourced from local council 'trim backs', local backyards and naturally fallen trees.

It is illegal to cut down any branch that is still attached to a living tree. Furthermore, location of fallen limbs, seed and pods must be thoroughly researched to avoid collecting in areas that are known for containing paralyses ticks and other nasty bugs that could be harmful to your feathered companion.

Q. What if I have a question that is not here?

A. Good question.

Simply contact us via phone or email and we will answer any inquiries you may have to best of our knowledge.

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