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Travelling with your Bird/Parrot

Can I travel with my beloved feathered family member?

No one wants to leave any family member behind while on holiday and that includes our much-loved pets. Holidaying with your pet is very simple these days and just requires a bit of planning. Not limited to just dogs, travelling can include multi-species households that would like to vacation together. Cage bound pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs or birds can be easily transported in vehicles and relocated to holiday destinations. Whether a prolonged travel or a quick weekend trip, everyone can now be included. Yes, that means fun times, laughter, squawking and whistling are memories that can be captured and enjoyed for birds and owners together!

The key to a safe and happy travel with your bird is good preparation ahead of time.

All birds can travel in a car as long as they have a suitable transport cage. Travel cages must fit the car space allocated to them and always attached/buckled in for safety. Special travel carries can be purchased at veterinarians or specialty shops. In the interest of safetyfor all, birds are not to roam freelyin the car. Your travel carrier will not only act as a ‘car seat’ but can then be used to house your bird during your time away. The ‘Pak-o-Bird’ and the ‘Perch & Go’ are great bird carriers but are quite expensive. Sometimes a cheaper version or a simple flight cage (that has food and water holders) are just as good.

Food and water availability: like any pet, food and water availability is a must. During extended travel time, drip water bottles are recommended as the form of water dispersal. This will provide a constant source of drinking water without the risk of excess spills in the car during driving time. A small food bowl with your choice of bird food is also recommended. Once at your destination, you can return to your regular water and food routine.

Pet Friendly Accommodation: Finding pet friendly accommodations are more popular and easily accessible these days. A quick search of the internet results in numerous places and recommendations. The great thing about pet friendly accommodation is that a majority of these properties are pet owners/lovers themselves so welcome like-minded travelers. Please respect the place you are staying at by following house rules for pets and cleaning up afterwards. This ensures a pleasant stay for everyone and continues availability for future pet owners.

Birds enjoy being outdoor: listening to the sounds around them bring much joy to our FIDS (feathered kids). Many will try to start bird a conversation with the wild birds or simply take in the wondrous new smells and sounds of their holiday destination. Enjoy a family BBQ outside or take a stroll to the local shops with your bird in its travel carrier. Buy local fresh fruit and vegetables that your bird can enjoy with you and look at the excitement on their face as their beaks and tongue caress the new texture.

Holidaying with your bird is emotionally satisfying: Travelling with your bird removes all the anxiety related to leaving them behind. It is also a money saving experience as no financial outlay is need for boarding facilities or animal sitters. This results in more money to spend on your holiday and more time to relax and enjoy your get away together.

A positive holiday experience will leave your bird excited every time they see their travel cage as they think they will be going on another adventure with the family.

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