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Eucalyptus and other safe native Australian species make perfect perching surfaces for our companion parrots. Natural, hard-waring and warm underneath the feet (even during the winter months); having a good-ol' bit of nature is the surest way to go when furnishing your bird's cage.

Coming in three approximate diameters and three different lengths, these perches have an M6 stainless steel bolt on one end and have undergone rigorous design and test procedures with the manufacturer's menagerie of Australian native parrots and exotics to ensure the bolt remains secure within the perchThe Australian Natural Bolt On Perch can be purchased in a variety of configurations from Small, Medium and Large with options of 30cm, 35cm and 40cm 

Hardware packs containing 2 washers and a wingnut for easy, safe and relaible attachments are available under a seperate listing.


Large 40cm

(40-50mm or 1.5 - 2" diameter) - for a roosting perch this is ideal for eclectus through to Cockatoos and Macaws but great for any size parrot for daytime use.

Australian Natural Perch - Large 40cm

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