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Finally a natural large bird toy that fits in every companion birds cage as well as avairies.  We all know that birds love to crack open any hard surface they can find.  In the natural world banksia's are the ultimate pod that entices even the strongest beak to give a liitle nibble.

The Banksia Biscuit was designed for Galahs, Corellas, and small Cockatoo's who adore to put their chomping abilities to the test.  In the Banksia Biscuit, you will find 3 peices of banksia chunks threaded on our usual stainless steel wire.  Nestled between each chunk of banksia is a round hardwood ball that begs to be turned around and around. The finishing touch is a dangling spray of banana abaca rope.

Foot and beak friendly for your adventurous companion bird.


Approx. 25-27cm long. Banksia Biscuit chunks measure around 7-8cm across with the beads within measuring 1.5cm in diameter each.

Please note that the size of the banksia's can vary due to natural variation.


Bird Size:
Suitable for medium to large birds such as Galahs and Cockatoos.

Banksia Biscuit

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