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In response to our most AVID chewers this is our product pick for your arsenal of mass destruction. Peek, seek and destroy!


A box constructed from weathered Eucalyptus with wood pins, with holes drilled in all four sides giving a hint to the presence of a natural treasure of yummy gum and she oak nuts locked within. There's no easy way to get inside this lockbox of goodies except with well-aimed beaks and claws and some excellent chewing muscles.


The choc-a-blocks make for excellent parrot foraging toys and come in two sizes to cater for beaks and appetites big and small and are perfect for the accomplished chewers out there.

Choc-a-blocks come highly recommended by Alexandrines and large Cockatoos and are hung on stainless steel wire.

The Small Choc-a-Block box measures:
14 x 8 x 6.5cm with 18 mm holes.
Suitable for large Conures and Parakeets through to Galahs and small Amazons and similar sized birds.


Choc-a-Block Small

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