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All birds need a selection of chewing materials. So, what better than natural seeds and pods that all the wild Australian parrots know and love. All species of parrots (native and exotic) will go gooey-eyed over this fantastic foraging treat. When your feathered friend has picked and chewed its way through this delectable collection of seeds and pods, refills are available!


The native treats picked for the Small Forage Basket - intended for the smaller bird beaks will vary according to what is in season at the time and may include banksia, pine cones, lemanii, brush box, grevillea or gum nuts to name a few.

The seeds and pods provide great hiding spots for little treats. A well placed sunflower seed or nut is a great suprise for your feathered friend to come across.


The basket is constructed from a variety of safe Australian non treated woods and held together with dowel. No nails are used in this construction.


Note: The Foraging Basket is also available in Large size for the bigger birds and can be found under the listing Foraging Basket - Large.


Small Forage Basket:
Measures 16 x 15 x 8cm and contains approximately 312g of seeds pods.
Suitable for any bird but intended for birds up to the size of Galahs etc

Foraging Basket - Small

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