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Bring the outside inside for your parrot.

The Out-n-About is the Just Natural's answer to the plain and boring doweling T-Perch. They're an adventure playground for parrots, with rotating parts, natural wood and seed pods to chew, a swing to play on and a jungle gym of perches and hoops.

On a melamine base for easy cleaning, the Out-n-About has everything your bird could desire, including space for food.


Out-n-About stands remain exciting as ever but is super portable. 

All metal components on each Out-n-About are bird-safe stainless steel.. The large Out-n-About comes with a stand on casters for easy moving.

Just Naturals use a variety of safe tree species suitable for perching and chewing, including Eucalyptus, Stringy Bark, Casuarina, Black Wattle, Queensland Brush Box, Callistemon, Banksia and Acacia.


Out-n-About Dimensions and Bird Recommendations:

100 cm wide x 60cm deep and approximately 115cm high (floor to top). Play area (table to top) = 57cm tall.
Perch diameters vary between approx. 2- 3.5cm.
Swing = 29cm tall.

Holes = 9cm diameter.
Suitable for Galahs, Amazons, Eclectus and similar sized birds.

Flat Pack Dimensions:

The large Out-n-About has been provided as a flat pack for easy shipping! Minimal construction is required, and all the parts have been carefully labelled to fend off confusion.
110cm x 70cm x 35cm.


Out-n-About Large

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