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Designed as a Christmas Special, the Snowman is now available all year round.  Called the Snowman, this hanging toy has a stainless steel washer for his hat which is resting atop his wooden bead head.  The Snowmans belly is a slice of native branch (varies depending on wood availablitiy) that holds 2 further wooden beads inside that are begging to be played with by toes and beaks alike. To finish off his body, you will find a piece of red hardwood and a bell for his legs.  This Snowman will not melt in the heat and promises to be 'Christmas' all year round for your feathered friend.

As promised/guaranteed, alll metal hardware including the hanging bell at the bottom are stainless steel.


Dimensions: Approx. 17cm x 7cm x 5cm.


Bird Size: Suitable for small birds from Budgies to Cockatiels.


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