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Holes to explore and beads to chew. Foot and beak friendly for your adventurous companion bird.


The Just Naturals bird products are all about bringing nature into your parrot's living room. Their toy materials are made up of a variety of pine cones seed pods including (but not limited to!) Hakea, Banksia and Eucalypt Gum Nuts. Natural wood slices from various tree species that have been checked for chewing safety and are presented au-natural with all their bark.


Combine all of these fantastic wild ingredients with untreated sisal rope and strictly stainless-steel hardware and you present your bird with the very best.

Approx. 22cm x 22cm. Biscuits measure around 5-7cm across with the beads within measuring 1.2cm in diameter each.


Bird Size:
Suitable for small birds like Cockatiels through to medium birds such as an Eclectus.


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