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Originally designed for a Greenwing Macaw who likes to chew A LOT, this very large creation from Just Natural's is a sure hit with the power beaks.


All the pieces that make up this toy come from species of eucalyptus which is a very hard wood safe for chewing and all metal used on and in this toy, is Stainless Steel.


This parrot toy can be perched on and climbed over by big birds just as well as a galah or gang-gang. The large nude eucalyptus square blocks have a variety of holes where additional toys or food can be put for foraging activity, and will be put to use by beak and claw if left empty.

The Sydney Chew is marvellous and a must have for the hard-core chewer.

Approximate 80cm long by 40cm wide.
Nude squares are 16cm x 16cm.
All drilled holes have a diameter of 2cm.

Bird Size:
Medium to Large birds.

Price: $60

Sydney Chew

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