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Based on stainless steel wire, this natural abaca twirl (sometimes known as a bungee or boing) makes a delightful parrot perch and play area. Most parrots just love the natural bounce and sway to these perches and climbing up, through and around it is a great way to exercise.


The abaca used in the twirl is hand woven 'banana abaca', which is gentle on the feet, is untreated and non-toxic. The natural hardwood stoppers on each end are extremely well attached and a small tuft of abaca protrudes from them for your parrot's preening pleasure. The stainless-steel wire base is strong enough to hold its shape but pliable enough for you to change the way it bends.There is a stainless-steel wire loop at the top that a quick link can be put through for hanging.


We're very pleased to finally be able to provide our customers with twirls that are entirely constructed from safe materials!


PLEASE NOTE:  that it is essential for bird owners to monitor the play habits of their bird and do maintenance on all bird products. Please remove any strands of abaca that may become lose over time. Unchecked and unmonitored toys can pose a serious health threat from a nail becoming caught in a lose strand.


Dimensions: Approximately 60cm in length.


Twirl Small

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